Captain Morgan Adams

Morgan Adams, Black Harry's only daughter. She took over his ship the Morning Star and crew after her uncle, Harry's brother, Dawg Brown killed him in his relentless hunt for one of the richest hauls of treasure. Chasing the other parts of the map which will lead to this treasure, Morgan teams up against Dawg with her uncle Mordachai and a battle ensues. Dawg kills Mordachai and continues to chase Morgan who has the other pieces of the map. Dawg Brown, harvester of souls and Spanish gold will stop at nothing to challenge Morgan's claim to the riches that have become her legacy.


Dawg is eventually defeated and killed by Morgan during a large sea battle and claims the treasure for herself and her crew. The crew decide to sail to Madagascar and see what high adventures lie ahead. It is hear where Morgan came across Captain Jack Vincent and fought along side the Avenger against the British Navy and all ships worthey of attack! This Lady Pyrate has a noteriorty for her fighting skills and it has been said, has the heart of a lion. Nicknamed 'The Flame' due to stories about her carrying a flaming sword into battle.