Samuel O' Brian

My mother, Anne O'Brian, lived in Ireland, where she worked as a maid in a large rich household.  When she got pregnant, it was rumoured that the governor of the house was the father. There was a big scandal, and my mother fled to England where i was born. 

Growing up in England, with no family other than my mother, i was brought up in pubs, and always loved being around the women.  One eventful day, after a rather heavy night of drinking, i awoke with a throbing headache to find myself aboard a ship. I'd been press ganged into service.

Some time later the ship i was aboard was attacked and captured by pirates. On being asked by the pirate captain if i wanted to join his crew, i pulled a knife and slit my old captains throat before anyone could react.  So began my life of piracy.

The ship i was on got taken over by Blackbeard and his crew, which is how i met  Jack Vincent, who was working for him at the time.  During a battle i was left for dead, and decided to give up my life of pirating.  Then, one fateful day, whilst rather drunk in a bar, out of money and in trouble through gambling, who should walk in but Captain Jack Vincent, who exclaimed "I thought you were dead."  

Sam's passions:  gambling, women, and drinking... and the only reason for gambling is to fund his other two passions.