In 1975 the original seathief pirate performed at the King Offa Secondary School in
Cornwall, and so begins our story. Many years were spent educating at public
meetings and personal lectures. These original lectures focused on the successful, as
opposed to well known pirates. But one man remained central to the Seathieves
studies... Captain Jack Vincent.

This man was the catalyst to the forming together of many
seathieves to create the association in the summer of 1998.
From this moment onward the Seathieves Pirate Association
has done it's utmost to display the true, dirty, rebellious and
scummy times that Captain Jack spent at sea.

We have performed our true rendition at many and varied
locations throughout the United Kingdom, from local lectures
to the Captain Cook Festival at his birthplace, Middlesborough.
We spend our time either learning or educating and the majority of the past two years has
been spent displaying and lecturing at the National Museum of Law, Nottingham. We now
prepare the Avenger for new shores and new horizons.

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